With the amount of development and changes that Racer has seen over the past few months it can sometimes be a little hard to keep up with which version is the latest, and with RaceSimCentral temporarily down its a little hard to access to those essential beta versions. This page is designed to take out all the searching.
  *All downloads on this page are property and work of their respective authors, this page is nothing more than a mirror for the wealth of downloads available to racer. Apologies if some links are down, last time the server was killed by the number of people downloading, but I've tried to host what i can.
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Quick Links
  Official Homepage http://www.racer.nl  
  Racer Forums (@RSC) http://forum.rscnet.org/forumdisplay.php?f=111  
  Racer-Xtreme http://www.racer-xtreme.com (add-on cars & tracks)  
  GTapex http://forum.gtapex.com  
Racer Downloads
  Name Version Comments


  Racer Beta 0.53.20  Latest Full version (incl. Spoon S2000 + Carslwood Track)


  Racer 0.5.0 (includes Spoon S2000 + Carslwood Track)


  Listed Below are the beta versions of Racer available to download from here, These versions have more advanced features, as well as bugfixes for the original version of Racer 0.5.0. However these are still in the Beta phase, and should be treated as such. In order to save bandwidth i have removed the cars/track files that were included in the full versions of each beta. If this is your first time with racer I advise you to use the latest beta version of racer Above.
  Name Version Comments


  Racer Beta 0.53.16 full version (no cars/tracks) 4,732KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.90 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 347KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.89 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 350KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.88 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 342KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.87 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 1,040KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.86 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 335KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.85 full version (no cars/tracks) 3,973KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.79 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 325KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.75 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 957KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.74 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 320KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.73 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 3,566KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.61 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 696KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.6 (updates only / no cars/tracks - includes din14.zip) 341KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.52 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 1,261KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.5 full version (no cars/tracks) 4,255KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.41 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 303KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.4 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 309KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.33 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 311KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.31 (updates only / no cars/tracks) 434KB  
  Racer Beta 0.52.3 full version (no cars/tracks) 3,926KB  
Racer Tools
  Buildar 1.0 Archiving tool for locking models


  Shady 1.0 Shader Creation tools